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Simón Alberto Consalvi

Simon Alberto Consalvi has been ambassador, chancellor, minister, president responsible, but also, and more importantly, a man of state, historian, journalist, writer and cultural promoter, which can not be less complex, provocative and fascinating.

Consalvi has written over twenty books, a gift from his intelligence to the country, where he thought the international relations of Venezuela with different nations under varied circumstances, where he has established a remarkable profile of Merida, like him, He wanted to found a modern nation,  with solid ethics, spiritual, which has reflected deeply on the establishment of Venezuelan artists who have transcended the country, and where has been detained in foreign figures who in turn passed into history by having created nations and future for their countrymen.

When one gets closer to the life of Simon Alberto Consalvi, the equation between man of culture and a man of politics seem easy to solve, for the first citizen above the audience. But it is worth recalling here that Consalvi was the architect the re-establishment relations between Venezuela and Cuba, in the seventies, after fourteen years of complete breakdown.

That dimension of international relations, that vision of a chancery that jumps over floral games to bet on conflict resolution mainland, it has the mark of a man who never ceased to be an intellectual, and that always gave priority to the culture Above all other truths that surrounded it.

Sergio Dahbar. Gente que Necesita Terapia. Pagina Web:





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