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Pedro Birrizbeitia

Born in Caracas on December 11th 1959. BS on the field of Mathematics from Simón Bolívar University (1981) and in 1986 he obtained his Doctorate at the Technology Institute of Massachusetts, US. Dr. Berrizbeitia is a certified teacher at the Applied and Pure Mathematics Department at Simón Bolívar University. His work covers an extensive range within the mathematical topics, from algebra to lattice theory. However, his most overwhelming studies are related to Numeric Additive Theory and the Primarily Test Theory.

Dr. Berrizbeitia has published 17 scientific articles in prestigious international mathematics magazines and two monographs about the Primarily Test Theory and Numeric Theory. He has visited several universities in US and Spain and he has been invited in ten occasions to give conferences at investigation centers and universities of these two countries as well as Chile and Uruguay. He has also been invited to give 12 conferences for various events in Venezuela.

Dr. Berrizbeitia is a certified teacher at Simón Bolívar University. He has directed 6 Mathematics Master’s theses and has received Honorable Mention to “Best Scientific Work” from the CONICIT in 1992. He is a reviewer of the important international publication “Mathematical Reviews” and member of the System for Promoting Investigation, Level II. “I have always been seduced by the beauty of the accuracy and perfection of ideas and the mathematic language and of course, the usefulness that it has within the world of the sciences and the world around us.

The main point of my investigations has been numeric theory and within this field, prime numbers; more specifically a related aspect that could be set out as follows: know how to determine if a given a number composed of hundreds of digits is prime or a composite number. This is a problem that has been of the interest from ancient times and that in modern era it still remains, for other reasons, though. It has been found an application for that in cryptography, to the system of cryptic messages. I send you a message that you can decipher if you have the password but another person intercepts that message, he or she will not be able to decipher unless he or she has such password but this password happens to be a huge number resulted from two other huge prime numbers.

The safety of the system relies on the difficulty to find prime factors of the given number” He was awarded the “Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury” in 2005 Source: Venezuelan Association for the Advance of Science






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