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Miguél Ángel Rodríguez

Anchor of "La Entrevista", one of the highest rating of the Venezuelan television, the young professional has become the target of attack of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He does not care about the insults: "Paid by the CIA," now faces one of the most critical moments of his career after the announcement of the end of the concision of his television station.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez, the journalist who every morning between 6 and a half and 8, takes the screen of Radio Caracas Television, Rctv, where "La Entrevista" plans to reach its four years on the air and that has established itself as one of the TV shows emblematic of the Venezuelan television station, enjoying high levels of audience.

Daily, actors of the national and international  environment arrive to “La Entrvista” to discuss, sometimes heatedly, on the political processes, social lives, etc.  Now, for how long? The answer is still a mystery, after President Hugo Chavez confirmed what the journalistic atmosphere was already an open secret: the government's refusal to renew the  Rctv concision.

However the government argues that the station has not fulfilled some basic rules of the contract. One of the most serious allegations in this regard is the incitement of coup of 2002, of which he is accused in this medium. Hence, Hugo Chavez has been charged with shouting from the rooftops "faults the truth" and "systematic campaign against the government" which allegedly has pursued Rctv.

Beyond the media ridicule, what really concerned Miguel Angel is his physical integrity. "I received threats by telephone and email and so in a climate of physical and verbal violence really frightens me what may happen," he says, adding that he has taken some precautions in security issues for both him and his family.

That is why every day he began his program showing the letters of invitation to the government sector, because if there is anything that can not mortgage is his professional credibility. "The slander can not prevent further complying with my ethical responsibility," says the journalist hated by chavismo.


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