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Marcos Polesel

Marco Polesel has a BS in Administrative Sciences from Metropolitan University and a Master’s in Political Public Management from University of Chile. During his work experience he has worked as Manager of Treasury and Logistics at Requieca Organization of Caracas, as Accounts Executive at Mercantil Bank and International Bank of Caracas. He was also Director of the Importers of Spare Parts for Cars National Chamber (CANIDRA) in Caracas, Venezuela and member of the Center for Fomenting Economic Knowledge (CEDICE), also in Caracas, Venezuela.

He was co-founder of the Liberal Venezuelan Conference and head of the Liberal Libertarian Movement Civil Resistance.

“We call ourselves CIVIL RESISTANCE because we are the Liberal Libertarian Movement in no-violent resistance against any form of oppression, including those decided by electoral majority; for the entire liberty of any individual. As legitimate associated Liberal Libertarians in CIVIL RESISTANCE, we are obliged to entirely exercise our civil and political rights by any means, political, electoral, legal and not violent in order to construct a new Republic dedicated to the defense of the natural rights each human being that inhabits it.”

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