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Lorenzo Lara

Born on November 5th 1947 in San Cristóbal, Táchira State. Married to Marianela Van Grieken, a psychologist and Bio-dance self-trained teacher who works with the Newfield Consulting Group. Lorenzo lives between two cities; Caracas, Venezuela, where he has his operation center and Madrid, Spain, where his wife has hers.

Carrero is a businessman, consultant and researched dedicated to e-business; more specifically those related to Venezuelan, Hispanic and Latin-American e-markets. He is president and founding member of the company which deals with the investment of venture capital in new business in Internet under a method of contribution of strategic capital which is a combination of knowledge and financial assets adapted to the level of development of a particular business. Among these type business it is worth to mention Classified Media Group (CMG) -related to services of on-line photo-classified ads  like,, and Tuavió and  SinFlash Media Group -that includes, SinFlash TV, SinFlash Radio, y SinFlash Imaging in combination with Casa Hellmund-RapidFot.

In addition Negocios Digitales has invested strategic capital in Perfilnet, Tendenciasdigitales, Imolko y a ObraWeb. More recently the range for investment has been enhanced towards technology-based companies confirmed by a first venture try with Genérgica, a company that will build electronic instruments for the energy distribution industry.

As a consultant, he has advised Venezuelan and international companies regarding Internet, the media, insurance companies, petrol, publishing and information technology among others. He has been a pioneer concerning the use of internet in Latin America and he has focused his attention on new management and organization ways and the newly-resulted e-business means. He is frequently invited to conferences to give presentations on those matters at national and international congresses or events. Dr. Lara has also been advisor for the Inter-american Bank for Development, Andean Corporation for Foment and the UN Program for Development.

He was founding president for the E-Commerce Venezuelan Chamber. During his two years of administration starting in 1999, he actively promoted the process for the development of the first law about e-commerce of Venezuela and coordinated the edition of one of the most important bibliographic references that help such process.

He is also founding member of the Venezuelan Internet Foundation (Fundinet) and of the Venezuelan chapter of the Internet Society.
The prestigious magazine “Manager” chose Lorenzo Lara as one of the “100 Most Successful Managers in Venezuela” in year 2001 and again in 2004.






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