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Liliana Hernández Soto

Liliana Hernández is a Venezuelan politician, former leader of the political party Acción Democrática (AD) –a party that has a social-democratic ideology and it is one of the traditional ones in the country. She was elected deputy to the National Assembly (Venezuelan Parliament) in the elections in 2000 under a party formed by AD dissidents.

Later on she cut relations with “Alianza Pueblo” and joined the political party “Primero Justicia” (Justice First) founded by dissidents to the social-christian right-winged political party Copei as well as independent people.

In year 2004, Liliana was candidate to the Mayor House for the Libertador Municipality in the Capital District, which she would later decide to quit since there was no unity among the opposition parties.

In January 2006 her position as deputy expired and she decided to withdraw her candidature for the last parliament elections in October 2005, stating distrust towards the electoral system.

She was a leader representative of the 2006 electoral campaign of presidential candidate Manuel Rosales.

Lawyer from Andrés Bello Catholic University; substitute Council for the Municipal Sucre District Council, Miranda State in 1984, Andean Parliament (1989-1996). She was appointed Deputy to the Congress of the Republic representing Guárico State from 1989 to 1993. She was also Vice-president of the Latin American and the Caribbean Political Parties Conference (COPPAL) and she held the same position for the International Youth Socialist Union (1994-1998). She is member and Vice-president of the Finance Office Commission of the Deputy Chamber and currently she is an elected Deputy at the National Assembly representing the Capital District of Caracas.

Type of Election
Deputy Liliana Hernández was elected by list (MDA, APRO, ASD, ABP, CASTO, CAMVIO) in the entire Capital District of Caracas with 276.952 votes that represent the 53.98% of the total counted votes from that district.

Special Commission for the investigation of the murders of four Pumé indigenous natives at the Riecito-Capanaparo area in Apure State. Presented by the Permanent Committee for Indigenous People.

Created on August 08th 2001. Carlos Pérez, a substitute deputy, is part of this request.

Special Commission to Investigate Dollar Smuggling.

Created on January 06th 2004. A 60-day extension was given on February 17th 2004 and another one of 30 days more was given on Juen15th 2004.
In addition, another 30-day extension was approved on November 03rd 2004.  In a sseion held on May 19th 2005 another 30-day-more extension was approved in order to submit the final report.

Special Commission to mediate at the PDVSA conflict.

Created on April 30th 2002
Special Commission for the Study of the events happening on July 18th in Apure State
Created on June 09th 2001 Special Commission designated to study of the facts, political and institutional circumstances that gave rise and continuity to the events that took place on April 11th, 12th and 13th in 2002. 

Created on April 30th 2002
Special Committee for the Study of the events happening on July 18th in Apure State.

Created on April 30th 2002
Sub-commission on Financial Politics, Banking, Insurance and Microeconomic Coordination.

Venezuelan Central Bank Special Sub-commission.

Joint Committee for the study of the Government Finance Law.

Joint Committee that studies the legislative initiatives in order to promote employment.

Permanent Finance Commission


National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.



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