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José Luis Paz Rojas

Born in Caracas on September 17th, 1957. BS on the field of Chemistry from Central University of Venezuela (1983) and in 1988 he obtained his Doctorate at the same university. Dr. Paz is a certified teacher at Simón Bolívar University.

His investigations are framed within the area of the Physic-Chemistry Theory with research domains on quantum as well as not-lineal optics. Within the latter, Dr. Paz has turned his interest towards the four-beamed-mixture spectroscopy, considering the molecular system as dipole interacting simultaneously with the radiation field and the thermal reservoir, through semi classical radiation-matter interaction models. This methodology was extended towards polarization spectroscopy intending to measure optical properties of certain colorings in order to design optoelectronic devices. His innovative theory treatments have contributed to a better understanding of interactions between electromagnetic radiation and matter.

Dr. Paz has published 51 scientific works in several international magazines and 5 chapters for books. Dr. Paz has given presentations in 120 national and international scientific congresses, has published more than 30 articles in national magazines as well as in scientific congress records. He has directed 6 BS theses, 4 for Master’s and 3 for doctorate.

In 1990, Dr. Paz was awarded by CONICIT a prize for Best Scientific Work within the field of Chemistry and in 1995 the Honor Mention on the same rank. In 1991, 1994 and 1998, Dr. Paz received the “Andrés Bello” award in Science Subjects from the Simón Bolívar University Teachers Association. Dr. Paz is member of the System for Promoting Investigations, level IV.

Source: Ministry for Popular Power for Technology and the Science, National Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation




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