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Alvaro Celis

Álvaro Celis Cobos (36) was born in Maracay, Venezuela. BS in Computing with Cumlaude Honors and with a Master’s from Simón Bolívar University in Caracas. Celis has a 13-year experience working with Microsoft. He joined the staff on Sep 1st 1992 and he became the first Product Manager in the Venezuelan subsidiary covering as well the Caribbean Region, Central America, Ecuador and Peru. A year later, Mr. Celis was promoted to the position of Product Manager for the high-end systems, operative systems and browser applications. He also contributed to the opening of operational branches in the countries mentioned above.

It is also important to mention that due to his professional merit he was awarded the Prize on Excellence as “General Manager of the Year” for the 1993 financial year.

In 1995 he was the Manager of Organizations for Venezuela Unit and being responsible for sales to wholesalers and retailers through distribution channels. He took into account relationships with independent software representatives and designed business solutions with Microsoft products at different stages for such market. When first holding his position as Microsoft Manager, Mr. Celis exceeded his own sales predictions and he managed to develop means to surpass over 2000 wholesaler.

By May 1999 he held the position as General Manager of Microsoft Guatemala and El Salvador. As a result of his efforts towards the development of the appropriate business model, Mr. Celis managed to have these subsidiaries become independent units. This was due to economic growth these subsidiaries reached under his management.

In 2000 he was appointed General Manager of Microsoft Venezuela. During this time he was responsible for the financial results, the image of the corporation and to strengthen loyalty among shareholders, clients and workers. He also directed the development model and the long-term strategies.

Previous his current position, Mr. Celis had worked as Business, Servers and Platform Division Manager of Microsoft in Latin America. His duties included also technologies and products marketing as well as the long term main plan for Latin-American region development. Among his responsibilities he coordinated activities such as training and relationship activities for IT professionals, Latin America safety initiatives and the balance sheet of the commercial division.

Currently occupies the Regional Director for small and medium-sized businesses, Partners and Solutions position in Latin America. In this position, Mr. Celis directs a regional division which is focused on underestimated entrepreneurial segments in such market regions. His goal is to see Microsoft as an opportunity for growth and an important business partner. His task goes together with the Microsoft Business Solutions Division, therefore creating the adequate strategies for small and medium-sized businesses.

Source: Published on August 29th, 2005. Obtain from




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